Chinese pharmaceutical sector post COVID-19 outlook

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Post covid-19, we expect strong investment interest in antiviral drugs and vaccine development in the short term. In the mid- to long-term, interest in innovative drugs will continue to drive the M&A activities in the Chinese pharmaceutical sector.

The most common cooperation models used by Chinese pharmaceutical buyers are the acquisition of established companies or licensing-in clinical-trial phase medicines.

Over the years healthcare is a highly disruptive industry with services and techniques developing quickly to meet increasing demand as the global population ages and attaches more value to a healthy life. Innovation, technological advancements, cost controls as well as management and efficiency of service delivery are critical areas for success in this industry.

IMAP has closed 91 deals in the Healthcare sector since 2015.

The IMAP China team consists of seasoned dealmakers with an extensive network within the Chinese healthcare sector with established contacts in large pharmaceutical companies, with private equity firms, and venture capital investors.

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